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2022 : Beneficial effect of a zirconium-nitride-coated implant in total knee arthroplasty revision for suspected metal hypersensitivity

Yassine Bulaïd  1 Az-Eddine Djebara  2 Ramy Belhaouane  1 Eric Havet  1 Massinissa Dehl  1 Patrice Mertl  1

2021 : Sleep Deprivation Adversely Impacts Resident Performance for Simulated Arthroscopy.

Baumann Q, Bulaid Y, Van Vliet A, Gabrion A, Klein C, Mertl P.

2020 :  Bleeding and thromboembolism risk of standard antithrombotic prophylaxis after hip or knee replacement within an enhanced recovery program.

Jenny JY, Bulaid Y, Boisrenoult P, Bonin N, Henky P, Tracol P, Chouteau J, Courtin C, Henry MP, Schwartz C, Mertl P, De Ladoucette A; French Society of Orthopaedic Surgery, Traumatology

2019 : Resection of a Rare Metacarpal Distal Condyle Osteoid Osteoma.

El Fatayri B, Djebara AE, Fourdrain A, Bulaid Y, Sanguina M.

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